Monthly Archives: January 2018

How to choose the Best vacuum cleaner

A home will always need a vacuum cleaner. So should do your home. But, the fact that the market is saturated with  a host of vacuum cleaners, it would be a little difficult to choose the best among them. You would have been looking for a vacuum cleaner at least once in your life. We present the top tips and ...

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Prepping Walls For Wallpaper

Like every venture or project, prepping a wall for any major or minor overhaul needs some time and careful preparation. When the project you are interested in is plastering your walls with home wallpaper and wallpaper borders, you’ve several things to think about like the kind of surface your walls have, and also the theme or look you need to ...

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Why having a carport is better than building a garage?

Too often, we confused about whether to go for a garage or a carport for your vehicles’ safety. No one would want their vehicles to face the wrath of being parked out in the open. This exposes your dear vehicle to factors like snow, air, rain and other human dangers.  When parked under a carport or a garage, your vehicle ...

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