Brief Knowledge on Lead Based Paints and its Poisoning Effects

The EPA certified lead paint training would educate you on protecting yourself, the clients from exposure to lead paint dust during renovation, repair, and painting (RRP) activities performed in several residential housing. The lead based paint would be the paint comprising lead. It has been one of the heavy metals identified to be toxic to human health. Lead was used as a pigment in the form of lead chromate and lead carbonate, which were relatively common colours.

Lead paint could be found in other colours and varnishes. The lead would be used as a pigment and added to paint for increasing durability, resisting moisture, speed drying and retaining the appearance of a freshly painted surface. A number of nations have outlawed lead for several years, while others continue to add lead to paint for domestic usage. However, lead based paints may still be found under the older painted surfaces in residential buildings, hospitals and schools.

Understanding lead based poisoning

During lead paint certification course, you would learn about the dangers of lead to humans. It would be damaging to children less than six years of age whose bodies are still developing. Lead has been known to cause long-term nervous system damage, delayed development, stunted growth and emotional issues in adults and children. It would cause kidney damage along with affecting a majority of organ systems in the body.

Lead has been deemed dangerous to adults. It could cause reproductive problems for men and women. The lead paint would be harmful, as it tastes sweet, which would encourage children to put lead chips and toys with lead dust in their mouth. A common myth related to lead-based pant has been children should eat leaded paint chips for developing lead poisoning. However, the fact would be that a common exposure to children would be caused by exposure to dislodged paint or lead dust generated during construction or repair work, paint surface preparation work or remodelling.

Occurrence of lead poisoning and symptoms

Lead poisoning would occur when lead builds up in the body. It may take months or years. It would be pertinent to mention here that small amounts of lead could cause severe health issues. Children less than six years of age would be susceptible to lead poisoning. It would cause severe mental and physical development in them. At high levels, lead poisoning would be fatal. Lead based paint and lead-contaminated dust in older buildings would be the most common sources of lead poisoning in children. Other sources of lead contaminated dust would be inclusive of air, soil, water, cosmetic and toys.

Symptoms of lead poisoning may be inclusive of loss of appetite, irritability, weight loss, abdominal pain, fatigue and sluggishness, constipation, vomiting, learning difficulties and unusual paleness from anaemia. Babies in the womb of their mothers exposed to lead contamination would suffer from learning difficulties and slowed growth in few cases.

What are EPA RRP Rules?

The EPA RRP Rules requires renovators in lead renovator training should have lead safe practices. The renovators should be certified. However, EPA should certify the providers of renovation training.