Check This Simple Guide To Know More About Concrete Raising

Owing to poor soil conditions, concrete slabs and foundations can sink. If left unchecked and unrepaired, this can lead to a serious hazard, and it impacts the aesthetics of the property. To raise the level of concrete slabs, different kind of techniques and materials are used. In this post, we will talk about concrete raising in detail.

Ways of concrete raising

  1. The traditional solution of sinking concrete slabs is called mud jacking. This kind of technique used a mix that contains mortar. The mix is pumped below the slab, which helps in leveling the surface to the degree desired. Since the mortar mix looks more like a slurry, the technique gets its name from there. To pump the mortar mix, roles are drilled on the slab.
  1. The other option is polyurethane foam concrete raising. In this process, a polyurethane form material is injected under the required area. The foam expands and thereby helps in leveling the concrete. As compared to mud jacking, this is much more effective and expensive at the same time.

Knowing the costs

As mentioned above, polyurethane foam concrete raising can be expensive and the amount you pay is mostly dependent on the extent of damage and amount of foam required. When you call a repair service for the job, they will check everything and offer an estimate in detail. To know the cost of concrete raising Houston, call up one of the known services and take their inputs. In some cases, the bill can run into thousands of dollars, and therefore, taking a loan might be useful. It must be noted that insurance doesn’t cover these kinds of repair and home maintenance costs.

Finding a service

If you need concrete raising services, check online to find the most reputed names in your area. Another alternative is to check for references from neighbors and friends. Don’t choose a service because they are offering some insane deal. Experience and expertise matter the most for foundation and concrete repair, and you need a team that offers real value for your money. Please note concrete repair jobs often come with a warranty, which you can check with the concerned service. Do read the service document and contract carefully, and don’t forget to check the relevant terms and conditions.

Find more details online and call a few companies to get an estimate. Make sure that the final is final and doesn’t have scope for hidden costs.