Guide to Choosing a Separate Bath

Are you tired of looking at your ordinary bathroom and want to spruce it up? Many homeowners dream of having a beautiful bathroom that looks like one of those featured in home decorating magazines. Why not? They do look luxurious, and you can turn your bathroom into a personal sanctuary.

Showers are great for freshening up anytime, and especially useful for people who are always on the go. But a long soak in a bath filled with scented water does wonders to ease your tension, relax tense muscles and generally pamper you.

If you do not have a bath or want to replace your old one, check out the new models of freestanding baths and how one of them can fit nicely into your bathroom. Likewise, consider why this particular bath model can enhance the look and décor of your bathroom.

Aesthetic features to consider in a freestanding bath

It can give personality and elegance to your bathroom. It’s fully functional and could be your bathroom’s focal point, whether there is ample or compact space. The colour, size and material allow you to choose the model that will perfectly fit your bathroom’s décor.

  • Materials. New bath models are made from cast iron, copper, stone, marine-grade fibreglass or acrylic. Some have stainless frames, which give it a longer life.
  • Design. You can choose elegant and contemporary designs or a blend of modern designs with traditional accents. They come in various shapes, and some have stiletto feet or vintage claw feet.
  • Size. Freestanding baths come in different sizes, but see to it that aside from it fitting inside your bathroom, it leaves enough space to move around. To be sure, measure it against the tallest person in your home.
  • Colour. Baths today come in different colours and you can select one that complements your bathroom’s colour scheme. If you like contrasts, some of the new colours are pristine white, violet, blue, pink, red, black and other bold colours.

Mechanical/technical considerations

While you have to consider aesthetics, there are mechanical and technical aspects that you should also look into when considering installing a bath.

  • Placement. It is important to consider the size of your bathroom. The bath should be positioned in a location that will leave enough room for you to move around the bathroom. You should be able to easily reach your existing shelves and storage cabinets. One other consideration – you must still be able to clean the bathroom easily.
  • Weight. A freestanding bath is very heavy, so its weight should be considered, especially when it’s filled with water and a person is in it. Consider your home’s structure and your floor’s strength before installing one.
  • Taps. These also need careful consideration. The most cost-effective taps are those that are bath-mounted, which can be installed at the end or middle of the bath. If you have the budget, you can have taps that are attached to your bathroom wall or choose a floor-standing set.

The beauty of a freestanding bath is that it can be installed in other areas of your home, if you have the space and right location and there is a water supply and good drainage.