Here’s How to Clean Your House Easily After You Move In

Moving to a new house can be exciting and tedious at the same time. There are various things that you need to consider before moving to a new house such as moving your belongings from your old house to new one, cleaning up new house before movement etc. Moving your heavy furniture and other belongings can be quite difficult. In case, you have lots of heavy furniture items, it is advisable to take help from professional removalists.

Professional removalists can help you to move your belongings safely and easily. These days, moving removalists keep a moving quote calculator on their websites, which help potential customers to calculate the expected charges of removing particular items. You can easily check the cost of moving items from your old house to new one.

Now that you have hired professional removalists for material movement, next thing you need to think about is cleaning your new house. From scrubbing the floor, to cleaning kitchen, bathroom, windows etc. can be a difficult task. However, this guide will brief you about some tips, which will help you to clean new house easily.

Moving In Cleaning Tips

  • Keep Cleaning Supplies Handy

There are various items that you need to clean your new house such as baking soda, glass cleaners, cleaning cloths, disinfecting cleaners, white vinegar, nylon or plastic bristled scrubbers, various types of brushes, fabric protectors, dusting cloths, vacuum cleaner, a dustpan, a broom, rubber gloves, a step stool a bucket and a mop etc. It is advisable to make a checklist of these items so that you don’t miss out anything while shopping.

  • Start with Kitchen

Kitchen is the first place that you should start cleaning before moving to your new house. This is important not only because you need space to cook food after moving in, but also it is the toughest place to clean due to bad cooking odors, oil stains etc.

  • Clean the Fridge

Start cleaning the fridge first so that you can keep your food items inside after moving to new house. To clean the fridge properly, you should use heavy duty appliance cleaners such as paste or wax. If you don’t have these cleaners, you can use baking soda with water. However, for better results, use them with heavy duty cleaning cloth or sponges.

Make sure that the brush or sponge you’re using isn’t causing any scratches. Carefully remove the drawers of fridge and clean them so that there are no stains. Moreover, wash the shelves and inside walls of fridge if you can remove some of the parts in the fridge then take them out and clean with warm water.

After cleaning inside of fridge, clean the freezer.  It is advisable to unplug the fridge before cleaning. That way, fridge will get warmer and will result in better cleaning. During all steps of cleaning the fridge, make sure that you use a soft cloth to avoid scratches.

  • Then Move to Stove

After cleaning the fridge, start cleaning the stove. Carefully, remove all the oily elements from stove. Soak the racks and metal trays in soapy, warm water for better cleaning. After cleaning front and top of stove, take it out of the wall and clean it from beneath. Additionally, don’t forget to clean the sides along with temperature dials and front panel.

  • Clean the Oven

After cleaning fridge and stove, start cleaning the oven. In case, there are oily stains on oven, use a heavy-duty oven cleaner for better results. Apply the cleaner and leave it for at least 20 minutes. Don’t forget to clean the oven from beneath the hood. You can use professional grease cleaner if the regular cleaner is not giving good results.

  • Clean the Counters and Cabinets

In case, the cabinets are lined or painted, use a mild cleaner for cleaning inside the cabinets. In case, the cabinets are not lined, you can use a liner. You can easily buy lining paper from any nearby store. However, make sure that the lining paper is not sticky. This way, you will be able to remove the paper quickly without much hassle.

After this, clean the doors and top of cabinets. In case cabinets are wooden, consider using a mild soap or wooden cleaner. You can use water and baking soda to remove grease stains. Mix both the ingredients to make a paste then leave it after applying for at least 5-10 minutes. Don’t forget t clean the inside drawers and handles.

  • Clean the Walls

After cleaning the kitchen, start cleaning walls of your house by removing screws, hooks or nails from it. After removing them, use a concealer to close the holes, hide scratches, dents and other marks. Make sure that there are no smudges or stains on walls. After this, use a wet cloth to wipe down doors, doorknobs, baseboards and walls etc. such that everything looks fresh and clean. Don’t wipe the walls if they aren’t covered with water-resistant wallpaper. In that case, just dusting the walls will be enough.

  • Wash the Windows

Use a heavy duty glass cleaner for washing all the mirrors, glass doors and windows in your home. Make sure that you clean the window sills and blinds as well.

  • Clean the Floor

After cleaning walls and windows, it’s time to scrub the floor. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet. You can use cleaning products to remove all the stains from the carpet. In case you’re finding it difficult to clean the floor on your own, you can hire professionals. North Eastern Cleaning and Restoration is one such service provider, which will not only help in cleaning your new house, but will also help to move your belongings. The professional cleaners ensure that your house shines like new. They have better knowledge of using cleaning techniques, which gives best results.

To conclude, cleaning your new house on your own can be a bit tricky, however you can take assistance of professionals for better results.