Home Decor Ideas to Update Your Living Room

Revamping the interiors of your living room doesn’t require massive investment, as long as you have the right ideas. It is important to strike a balance between functionality and style, and at the same time, there should be a uniform theme. In this post, we have a few décor ideas that will help in revamping the living room from the scratch.

  • Add a few photo frames. Nothing can look better on the walls than a collage of memories. You can find a lot of wooden frames online at really cheap prices. Just print a few old pictures, or if you want to add more contemporary vibes, you can print movie and character posters, as well.
  • Go for contemporary lights. Lighting fixtures don’t have to be expensive these days. You have those amazing tripod lamps that cost a little over hundred dollars. There are pendant lamps, wall mounted designs, and many more options, depending on what you want to spend.
  • Add window shutters. Shutters add an extra layer of insulation to the room and are great for any living space, where you need extra control on the natural light and air. Quality window shutters can last a lifetime with little or no maintenance. For a few good ideas, check fineinternetstores.com.

  • Play with fabrics. If you don’t want to change the furniture or wall colors, a better idea is to work with upholstery and fabrics. For neutral and natural themes, a splash of two or more colors can look really nice. You can go for any kind of color mix, but bright shades like yellow, red, orange, green, and blue work with most themes.
  • Add a vintage furniture item. Furniture is one of the expensive investments in a living room, and you might not have the budget to replace everything. A smart idea is to use a vintage or retro piece, somewhere centrally in the living space. This can be your point of attractions. A nice table or a rocking chair is your best bet, and you can find many options in flea markets too.
  • Paint a wall. Repainting one of the main walls of the living room is a quick way to update the theme. You just need to choose a color that’s in contrast with rest of the walls. You can use that wall to add to your artifacts or even photos.

  • Add a big mirror. Smaller homes often have limited space, and therefore, adding new elements is always tough. Experts advise on using a big mirror on the central wall, which adds an illusion of space. You can find variety of expensive mirrors, according to budget, but choose something that works for the interior décor and in sync with the furniture pieces.

Finally, don’t attempt too many things at the same time. Modern interiors are minimalistic to say the least, and you don’t want to clutter the living room with multiple ideas. Decide on a budget and consider the existing elements before taking the final call on the redesign work.