Home Decor – Mistakes You Should Avoid While Decorating Your Home

Home painting and decoration gives more glamour and adds quality and feeling to your home decor. Most of us usually make mistakes in decorating our home. Sometimes, people tend to go overboard which might turn out too messy and have an unwelcoming feeling.

There are professionals, who are experts in painting and decoration out there. Find out more about decorator on many websites and references so you can get your home decorated perfectly without any mistakes.

Check out some usual mistakes men make when decorating their home

  • Going overboard with fads– We are not suggesting that you shouldn’t use a fad or two, but you should not buy many items that you would regret in your near future. Items like lava lamps, faux finish wallpaper, the beaded curtains etc. will look good only for a short period of time. They will soon fade away into the memory of your past style mistakes. Just make sure not to keep them forever.

  • Using too much of an accessory– Most of the people make the mistake of using an accessory. These accessories can differ from pillows on beds and couches to frames or ornaments on a shelf. Accessories of our home add character and depth to space, but going overboard is not good.

If so many things are placed in a room, it can really look messy and cluttered. It can become uncomfortable lying on a couch or a bed with too many pillows pushing you off. Toning down a bit will help. The rule is to keep your items minimum so your room gets the character, but it is not cluttered.

  • Picking the colour of the wall first– You should not make the mistake of picking your wall colour first because it can drive you crazy while trying to find a perfectly matching sofa set for your already painted smoky plum shade on the wall of your bedroom.


Instead, consider choosing your favourite furniture and let one of the colour pattern influence or match with the colour you are about to paint in your bedroom. Although you may find thousands of colours for painting, it will be hard to find the furniture pieces and fabrics of your liking.

  • Not measuring the room before buying the furniture– We often come across furniture, which does not fit your room or through the door. It is important that you plan out those space and measurement first, so that you get a better idea of what you should buy.

There are many other mistakes like furniture backing up against the wall, not mixing the colours and just matching them and not dressing the cable properly etc. it is recommended that you hire an expert for your home décor at a reasonable price.