How to choose the Best vacuum cleaner

A home will always need a vacuum cleaner. So should do your home. But, the fact that the market is saturated with  a host of vacuum cleaners, it would be a little difficult to choose the best among them. You would have been looking for a vacuum cleaner at least once in your life. We present the top tips and guide on how to choose a good and functional vacuum cleaner in this post.

How To Choose The best vacuum Cleaner?

Finding the best vacuum cleaner in the market from among a host of them may be a tedious option. How would you search a vacuum cleaner that would meet all your needs in an effective manner? We assume that the following tips should help you decide.

Type of The Vacuum Cleaner

The type of vacuum cleaner you choose should be the one that is based on your exact requirement. One sort of vacuum cleaner may not be suitable for all the needs you may have.

Canister vacuum cleaners would be the best for cleaning floors, rugs and carpets. If you would want to clean the carpets and upholstery thoroughly, you would opt for Steam vacuum Cleaners. Stick vacuums are the best when you are looking for a cleaner for daily use.

Type of Cleaning

Choose a vacuum cleaner based on whether you want dry or wet cleaning. Wet cleaners let you use water and detergent for a complete cleaning. The dirty water is sucked back without leaving traces. The type you opt for would depend on the type of carpet. Some specific material may not be suitable for wet cleaning.

Power Consumption

Higher power consumption does not necessarily mean better cleaning. The rated motor power and the power efficiency has practically no bearing on the cleaning performance that you can expect from a vacuum cleaner. The power consumption would normally range between 1000 to 2000 watts.

Suction Power

The cleaning efficiency of a vacuum cleaner would be dependent upon the suction power it has been designed with. Understanding the terms would be the best option when it comes to suction power. The average suction power is the capacity that it can suck dust for a continued period. The maximum suction power refers to the suction capacity during the initial time of switching on the cleaner.


The tools that come with your vacuum cleaner do have a bearing on the overall functionality. If your cleaner comes telescopic tubes, you may find them easy to use. Opting for metal tunings rather than the plastic ones can be durable. At the same time, they are a little heavy to use. In most cases, you would definitely get the essential tools with your cleaner.

The Concluding Thoughts

Your choice of vacuum cleaner should entirely be dependent upon your needs. It would be advisable to go through reviews to zero in on the best vacuum cleaners that would suit your demands. A good review can definitely help you arrive at the best vacuum cleaner that would be perfect for your requirements. A good example in that direction would be the review Easy Clean Hand Held 71B Corded 2018.

Choose the versatile and the light weight vacuum cleaners that would meet all your needs – unless your needs invariably necessitate the use of heavier options. Check out above guides and choose the best.