How to Enjoy the Log Cabin Lifestyle

We’ve all imagined a life in the forest, surrounded by unspoilt nature with breath-taking backdrops, living off the land in a quaint log cabin. There is something about the rustic way a log cabin is put together and it creates a warm feeling to live in such a solid and dependable dwelling. The dream of owning a log cabin can now become a reality, with online suppliers of timber structures of all styles, and with self-assembly, a log cabin is a very affordable way to add some elegant living space to your property.

The Process

Assuming you have decided to have a log cabin in your garden, the online process enables you to browse the log cabins and there is also a lot of information on all aspects of purchasing a log cabin kit. If you would rather have a team of professionals carry out the work, this can be arranged, but most people prefer to self-assemble and it is well within the abilities of the average person.

The Preparation

Your new log cabin will need a solid base, which could be concrete, or stone slabs, and the base must be level. The specifications would be provided by the cabin supplier, with the base typically being a little larger than the structure to allow for even weight distribution. Your local electrician would be able to wire up your electrical needs, while the plumber can connect you to the mains water and waste, and once the base is ready, the kit will be delivered.

The Assembly

If you enlisted the help of family members, the assembly can be completed in a weekend, and with easy to follow instructions, your cabin will soon take shape. The supplier would not normally assemble, but they would have a third party that assembles some of their products on site. Utility connections must be made and they would have been prepared prior to assembly, making the assembly process a straightforward affair.

Timber Treatment

There are many ways to protect timber, so the supplier would not normally treat the wood in any way. They would, of course, recommend preservatives and varnishes that are suitable for the unit, and this must be factored into the assembly process. If you require the timber to be pre-treated, this can be arranged for an extra cost, and the importance of timber preservation cannot be overemphasised, with regular recoating, your timber will be well protected.


Roof insulation is always a good idea, and this is one optional extra the supplier would offer, along with ground preparation services if required. Typically, the cabin rests on galvanised feet that are bolted to the base and there would be an extensive range available.

Online solutions make everything easy and once you have sourced a reliable supplier, you can browse at your leisure. There would be information on all aspects of log cabin purchase and assembly, and with so many choices, you can create the ideal garden living space and have your very own log cabin.