How to install a 4 blade ceiling fan

Ceiling fans have been our constant companions against heat. These devices are one of the most efficient machines that are used to ward off the immense heat especially in the tropical and the developing countries because these developing countries cannot bear the financial load of air conditioners in every house nor can they bear the power load needed for these air conditioners.

These fans have a very efficient way of cooling the room and with the help of their rotation and the blades they create a suction force and they push the air in front of them creating a strong and fast gust of air which gives a cooling sensation when felt by a human being. Read here to find out more about ceiling fans.

The query that arises after buying a ceiling fan is that how to install this piece of machine. Here are the steps of getting the machine ready and running. These are really simple steps but that doesn’t imply that which following them you can be careless, safety is required at every point of the procedure which comprises of these steps:

  • When we are installing a 4 blade ceiling fan with a down-rod, the very first step would be to decide the place and install the mounting bracket at that place or that may not be needed if already there is a hook or hoop attached to the ceiling.
  • If the mounting bracket is to attached then screw the bracket and pull the wires for the connection downward from the slot in the bracket.
  • Assemble the motor assembly without the blades and loosen or trim the insulation on the wire and tighten the casing and rod such that it is a tight fix but there is no hindrance at all in the free rotation of the fan.
  • Turn of the mains and lift the motor assembly to reach the ceiling and attach the down rod to the bracket slot and make sure it is rightly attached. Further if the fan is a remote controlled one then fix the receiver.
  • Wire the fan and the receiver to the main supply line wire provided there in the slot.
  • Slide the upper canopy in the fan to cover the attachment and the wire and screw the canopy to tighten it.
  • Take up the blades of the fan one at a time and attach the blades with the help of screws. Make sure the blades are tightened in their respective place.
  • If the fan you have purchased has the lighting attachment with it then after attaching the blades of the fan attach the lighting attachment and make sure to connect it to the proper given wire and insulating any open end there may be.
  • Turn on the main power and switch on the fan to test the fan. If there occurs some problem then there might be some connections loose and rechecking the connections might help but if the problem persists then make a call for professional help to your company’s service number.

The only difference in installing the 3 blade fan and a four blade fan is that the 3 blade fan can be fixed to the ceiling with the blades attached but attaching the 4 blade one can be difficult.