How to Keep Your Carpet Looking Soft and New

Supple and soft under foot, carpets can be an excellent way to add a sense of luxury and design to your home, especially given their wide selection of patterns, textures, and colours. In order to keep your carpet looking brand new and feeling soft under foot, you need to start by making a smart selection when you purchase your carpet and then follow a few easy maintenance tips.


Stains and soils really don’t stand a chance on your carpets provided you do enough research before choosing your carpet. Some varieties use smart technology to create carpet fibres that can resist liquids and make it much harder for dirt to penetrate or stick to the threads. There are also carpet varieties that have built-in protection from static, so you will never have to worry about purchasing a temporary spray-on static solution.

Regular Care of Your Carpets

Frequently vacuuming your carpets will help keep debris and soil from getting embedded in the carpets. Soil tends to scratch the fibres of the carpet, so regularly vacuuming will help to maintain that brand new look. High-traffic areas need to be vacuumed for at least two to five times per week, whereas lighter-traffic areas like corners can be done once a week to avoid dust building up.

Be sure to use a vacuum with adjustable brushes to suit the type of carpet in Dubbo that you have chosen. It’s a good idea to use a crevice tool to get right into the corners and then a beater brush attachment for stairs. Regular vacuuming will pick up dust, surface fragments, and dirt, while also fluffing up the fibres which counteract daily wear. Remember to choose a vacuum setting that matches the height of the carpet so it will do an efficient job without causing any damage to the fibres. Vacuum with overlapping strokes to cover the entire carpet and use an angled nozzle attachment to clean along your baseboards where the dust usually settles.


Finally, replace the vacuum bag or empty out the canister when it is about two-thirds full. This will ensure that the machine works more efficiently.

Say Goodbye to Dents and Snags

If you notice snags showing above the carpet surface (known as tufts or snags), don’t pull on them but instead cut or clip them with scissors. Remove any dents cause by furniture placement by using a damp white rag and dabbing at the area. Then heat the spot with a hairdryer while using your fingers to rake through the carpet. Avoid direct heat on the carpet.

Dealing with Stains and Spots

Stains and spots on carpets are inevitable, no matter how careful you think you are. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning and remember never to rub your carpet surface too hard as that will damage the twist of the fibres.

Good carpet maintenance is mandatory and can help keep your carpet looking as gorgeous as the day you had it installed.