How To Make Edibles By Simply Using Your Dry Herb Vaporizer!

    I have seen way too many people empty out the contents of their vaporizer chambers after a session and at this point I think I need to say something about this nonsense. The reason it makes me cringe when I see this is that by doing so you’re wasting a ton of leftover THC. See, when using a dry herb vaporizer your herb is heated to a temperature which renders THC into water vapor that you inhale. The thing is that cannabis contains THC as well as THC-A.

    What’s THC-A?


    THC-A is the exact reason that edibles are as powerful as they are. To make edibles properly you need to do something called ‘decarboxylating’ your weed. This just means heating it up to a temperature that turns the THC-A into THC. It would take a whole lot of weed to make edibles of decent strength without completing the decarboxylation process. Usually people do it at about 220 degrees fahrenheit but you can work with slightly higher temperatures to save a bit of time if you need to, as long as you don’t exceed 300 degrees as this would damage the cannabinoids within the weed. So what does this have to do with dry herb vaporizers?

    Your Vape Literally Decarboxylates Your Weed!


    While your vape heats up your herb to turn the THC in it into vapor, it’s also turning the THC-A into THC at the very same time, just like what happens when you put a tray of herb in the oven before making edibles. That means the brown crumbs leftover after a vaping session are full of edible THC that was never inhaled. You could even technically vape it again but it’ll taste seriously disgusting. Thankfully, tossing it into some food masks the horrid flavor really well. This is another great reason that a dry herb vaporizer can actually save you money compared to a smoking habit. If you save up your ‘already vaped bud’ or AVB as people like to call it, you can get some serious extra mileage out of your stash by making some potent edibles. If you’ve never tried edibles before, take it very slow and start by adding a teaspoon or two of AVB to some food and wait a couple hours to see if the effects are comfortable and tolerable. Edibles can make you feel out of your mind real quick so it’s better to be safe than sorry.