How to Make Your NYC Relocation a Great Success?

In case you’re planning to relocate to New York, it is important that you completely plan your move. Such planning will include assessment of relocation cost and preparing a budget accordingly. This guide will brief you some more things that you should keep in mind while planning your move to New York City.

Things to Consider While Moving To New York

  • Estimate Expenses of Living

It is important that you correctly estimate your living expenses while moving to New York. This will include assessment of the amount that you spend currently on various things such as health insurance, phone bills, groceries, gym memberships, food bills etc.

Checking your credit card statement can be a great and easy way to find this detail. This study will give you a rough estimate on your cost of living at the place where you reside currently. It is important to bear in mind that all expenses will be different in New York.

In case, you’re coming from a country having high inflation and cost of living, you will have to adjust your expenses downwards. On the contrary, if you’re coming from a country having lower cost of living you’ll need to adjust your living expenses upwards. These days, there are various living expense calculators online. You can use one such calculator to access and prepare your budget.

  • Count on The Stuff You’re Carrying

It is important that you don’t take too many belongings while moving to New York. This is because apartments in New York are comparatively smaller and if you carry all of your belongings to a new place, you might end up feeling troubled.

Make sure that you carry only important stuff i.e. the items, which you use on a daily basis. Carrying out items which you use occasionally will just add up to the space unnecessarily. This can be a major problem in case your apartment is still not ready and you have to move from one place to another carrying your belongings. Carrying only important items will save you lots of stress and tons of money.

  • Estimate Moving Charges

While moving to New York, you’ll have to carry lots of items. It will be quite difficult to move the costly and heavy materials on your own. Hence, it is recommended that you hire professional movers. Apart from the movers, there will be additional charges of brokerage fee, material shipping charges etc. Hence, it is important that you estimate all these charges and include them in your budget.

Things to Consider While Hiring a Moving Company

These days, there are various moving companies online and choosing one out of them can be a difficult decision. Following section will brief you some tips to hire a professional moving company.

  • Advance Booking

In case you’re planning to move to New York, make sure that you book the services of the company in advance. This is because finding movers in peak season such as summers can be difficult. It is recommended to book the company at least 2 months prior to the movement.

  • Find A Good Moving Company

A simple online search for moving companies will give you hundreds of results. However, it is not important that all such companies are having professional services. The moving company which you’re going to choose should have prior experience in material handling. Moreover, it should use high quality packing material so that there are no chances of damage.

For this, you should take price quotations from several companies. Multiple price quotations will help you to decide if you’re being charged fairly for the services or not. You should be very cautious while choosing a company if its charges are very low and services it claims to include are exaggerated.

Such a company can be unscrupulous and might render you unsatisfactory services. In case you’re looking for a professional moving company which offers services at affordable cost, visit

  • Ask About Additional Charges

Sometimes, moving companies don’t include all the charges in a quotation and then ask for additional money. Such additional charges can include moving material up/down the stairs, moving material across long distances etc. Hence, ask the company to give you a breakup of charges which are being included in the contract fee.

Moreover, make sure that you read the terms of contract very carefully. This is because there can be differences in services offered and liabilities of the materials’ movement.

  • Liability and Insurance

It is important that you clarify the liabilities that are borne by insurance company. As per law, moving companies have to assume a certain amount of liability. For example, a moving company doesn’t have any liability for the materials which you pack on your own. Similarly, a moving company doesn’t have responsibility for the materials which aren’t mentioned in its inventory list. Hence, make sure that you don’t forget to put all items on the inventory list.

Moreover, don’t forget to calculate value of your items. Total value of the items will help you to know what how much responsibility is moving company willing to assume in monetary terms. In case, the value of your items is coming out to be higher you can get additional insurance coverage for costly items through a third-party insurer.

  • Access Reputation of The Company

Make sure that the moving company you’re contacting has good reputation in the market. For this, you can check website of the company. Moreover, don’t forget to read the reviews of past users. Reviews can be important decision criteria on whether you should hire a moving company or not.

This is because reviews are based on the past experiences of the users and they can adequately tell you if a particular moving company is worth hiring or not. However, make sure that you reach out to genuine websites for checking reviews of the moving companies. This is important because some websites are marketing based and may not offer you genuine reviews. 


Hope this simple guide for Moving to New York will be useful for you.