Increase Business Productivity with Office Redesign

If you are running a business or operating an office from an administrative position, then you are aware that overall comfort and productivity are extremely important. However, you might not realise that productivity can be increased in a number of ways. It should always be your goal to increase productivity. Productivity maximises efficiency, and thus increases returns and minimises cost. But how can you increase productivity?

There are a few different ways to increase business productivity, but one of the best ways is to ensure your office or workplace is designed well. Design is actually more important than a lot of business managers and owners realise. There are several factors within productivity that better office design can lead to. This article will cover some of the reasons design can inspire more productivity, and then it will discuss some specific ideas for how you can implement a redesign that increases productivity.


An extremely important factor leading to productivity is concentration. Employees and workers who have trouble concentrating will be unable to perform as efficiently, and will thus be unable to be as productive, which is stifling for business.


In the past, cubicles were implemented in office design to attempt to increase individual employee concentration. This might have worked for some individuals, who preferred their own personal workspace where they were able to work comfortably and not become distracted by office noise or the sight of other people. However, because cubicles do increase privacy, it is easier for an employee to drift off, lose focus, become distracted, and get less done. This is a result of a lack of visual accountability. While some thrive on their own, others might need reminding that they’re part of a team and they are collaborating with their teammates to get their job done on time.

Some employees will discover they have better concentration with a simple partition instead of a full cubicle. Try asking your staff what they think, and see whether a redesign may be necessary.


Creativity is extremely important for certain jobs. Marketing and advertising, entertainment industry jobs, art jobs, graphic design and photography, and writing and editing are all professions that require constant use of creativity. This means that employees doing these jobs need to feel like they’re in a creative space. More than likely, these employees have picked these professions because they’re creative, not because of their strong coding or accounting skills. It’s important to inspire creativity in your office for this reason.

People who need to be creative often need inspiration from their surroundings. This means that as an employer of creative people, you cannot trap them. They must feel safe, open-minded, and in control of their creative efforts. This means avoiding confinement, harsh lighting, ugly design, and rigid brainstorming places.

Good bouts of creativity can inspire productivity in ways almost no other factor can. Passion and personal involvement in a project will almost always ensure time management and that it gets finished on time. People excited about their creative efforts will be more productive.


Believe it or not, you can inspire creativity with a simple office redesign. There are several ways to inspire creativity through interior design. Try speaking to an expert familiar with techniques used in interior design to spark creativity. Places like Saracen Interiors are industry experts when it comes to office designs, fits, and redesigns. If you’re ready to inspire creativity but are unsure how to get started, talk to the experts who can give you ideas.


Did you know that comfort can also spark productivity? Employees who are comfortable are more natural at their job, which means they can work for longer periods of time complete larger necessary tasks. People who are uncomfortable are more likely to take short breaks to relieve discomfort or stress. This puts a halt on creativity in general, and does not benefit the employee or the employer.

How can you increase office comfort? Try a redesign. Redesigns can incorporate anything from new chairs, better desks, couches and brainstorming corners, bean bag chairs, or whatever you feel would make the workplace feel more comfortable. Employees who are more comfortable will stay longer and will feel more willing to be productive and achieve more.

Some Tips for Design

Now that you are aware that some of the factors leading toward productivity include concentration, creativity, and comfort, it’s time to start thinking about redesign ideas to make sure you can maximise these three factors. Keep in mind that if you feel like one of these factors is less important, for instance, creativity, if you’re in a field that does not require creativity, then you can elect to minimise efforts to increase that specific factor.

For concentration, you can try utilising a bullpen layout instead of a cubicle layout. Employees will be able to see each other. However, employees that see other employees concentrating will be more likely to concentrate on their own work instead of drifting off. Some employees in the bullpen might talk to each other every once in awhile. There’s nothing wrong with healthy and collaborative discussions. However, you should separate people who spend all day talking instead of working, and remind them that there are still deadlines.

For creativity, try some new interior design strategies. This might require an expert or advisor, which is fine and understandable. That’s what they’re there for. You can hang art on the walls that can inspire creativity when employees look at them. Or you can try alternative lighting, like single-bulb industrial lighting for instance, which provides a modern, hip aesthetic that can inspire millennial creativity for employees of all ages.

For comfort, try placing couches or even beanbags around the office for people to work away from his or her desk.

They’ll appreciate a break from their desk chair and will stay working longer if they’re comfortable. Make sure desk chairs are both comfortable and encourage healthy posture. Screens should be calibrated for ease of viewing and minimal eye strain, so employees don’t need to take breaks as often.

For more design tips to inspire productivity, try talking to a design expert. They will help you with other ideas that can satisfy your employees and inspire all of the factors required for productivity.