Lock Picking And Lock Bumping

It is recommended by security professionals that everyone should have high security locks at their residence or business.  This is because regular locks are easy to pick. Only a little practice is required, besides there are tons of how-to videos on YouTube that can teach even a kid on how to pick locks. In most robberies or break-ins there are no signs of forced entry, which indicates that lock picking is a likely means of access.

The tools for lock picking are easily available in the market and anyone can legally possess these tools in most states. One can even make their own DIY tools from common materials. Therefore, to protect your valuable possessions and loved ones, one should always use up-to-date and high-security locks.

If you are satisfied with your current hardware, there is no need to replace the entire lock.  A certified locksmith like Amco Locksmiths Perth can upgrade just the cylinder.

Picking and Bumping

The usual key-based locks can be surprisingly easy to pick, bump, drill, or otherwise force open.

Lock Picking:

To pick common pin, tumbler, or wafer styles is not difficult. You just need to employ picks of various shapes and types and insert it into the slot. Then apply the twisting motion using a wrench. Automatic lock-picking “guns” are available in the market, as well.

Lock Bumping:

Older high security locks may not be fully protected from lock bumping since bump keys are relatively recent. The bump keys are specially cut and then bumped to make the pins move. Even though less skill is required but it is a bit of a hit or miss procedure.

Go “pick-proof and bump-proof”

With advancements in lock picking and bumping technology, new and improved high security locks are designed and manufactured to be as pick-proof and bump-proof as possible. You can rekey them in a situation of a lock-out but you will need the help of a ‘professional Locksmiths’ to do that.

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