Moving to Japan With a Family? Here Are Some Great Tips

In case, you’re looking out for a place where you can easily move with your kids, there can’t be any better place than Japan. It is one of the countries in the world that offers ample opportunities to everyone. However, it’s important that there can be few things that you might need to consider while moving to Japan with a family. Following section will give you a gist of what all you need to think about while moving to Japan with your family.

Things to Consider


It’s important to note that if you’re planning to take your family on work or student visa, each family member must obtain an independent visa to get entry in the country. Only a child or spouse of someone who’s currently living in Japan with visa status of researcher, cultural activities or professor is eligible to avail dependent resident status. Usually, the period of stay for dependents in Japan varies from 3 months, 6 months, and a year to 3 years. In case, the dependent is planning to reside in Japan for longer than 3 months, he/she needs to apply for a separate resident card.

Adjusting to Challenges

Usually, children face lots of challenges in adjusting if they have to move to a new place, be it a new city or country. Hence, it is important that you offer plenty support to them. It can be in form of proving them with new toys, familiar boos, photographs at new residence, favorite foods and music. You can help your kids to gain familiarity with kids residing in neighborhood by helping them in making new friends. As and when they will make new friends, it will become easier for them to adapt to the environment and stay happier.

Try to Comfort Them

It’s important that you provide support to your kids and don’t force them in befriending with people. It’s important to give them some time and space to adjust with the place first. In case your kids are missing some of their old friends, you can help them in writing an email or postcard.

Above all this, make sure that you’re extending required emotional support to your kids as and when they require it. It is total understood that you’re yourself caught with various shifting activities; it is still important that you spare some time and spend it with your kids. In such cases, it is advisable to delegate your shifting related tasks to a moving company.

These companies have immense experience in handling movement; hence, they can help you in shifting to Japan. This will leave you with ample time to focus on important things such as your kids. You can reach out to Kokusai Express, one of the best moving companies in Japan.

Go for Outings

Moving to Japan with a family can actually be fun if you try going on several outings. It can be a great way to comfort your kids. Show them the new place, nearby attractions and what’s all great about the new place. These things will help your kids to understand that even new place is not that bad and they can enjoy even here. Take them to adventure parks, restaurants and other places where there are lots of activities related to kids. You can even take your kids for shopping and can get them new dresses. All this can be really helpful in cheering up your kids and in making them adapt to new environment.

Get Them Admitted to an Institution

Depending upon the age of your child, get him/her admitted to an institution. If your kid is too young, put him/her into a school. In case he/she is old enough, get him/her admitted to college/university. Usually, it’s more difficult for younger kids to adapt to change than older ones. Apart from this, you can make your kids indulge in some co-curricular activities as per their interests.

For instance, if your kid likes music, you can get him/her admitted to some piano classes etc. Similarly, if he/she likes painting etc., you can help your kid to join some art classes etc. This will help in easing out the stress and tension in your kid’s life and will help to generate interests.

Talk with Them

One of the best ways of sorting the things out is by talking. It’s important that you talk with your kids about what’s bothering them or if there’s anything that you can help them out with. For instance, if there are some friends at old place that you friends are missing, you can help them in contacting them.

Internet has become a great mode of communication and you can easily use video calls etc. for talking to people sitting overseas. This will help your kids to realize that they might have left the old residence; however, they can still be in touch with their friends.

Try Visiting Old Place

It’s advisable that if possible, you try visiting your old residence sometimes, at least once or twice a year. Though it’s totally true that travelling to a different country; by leaving work in-between is not always feasible. You can, however, give it a try. It might help your kids a lot. Meeting with old friends can be of utmost help for them.

Invite New Friends to Your Place

It is recommended to ask your kid to invite his/her new friends at home for spending some good time. This will help to make the new friendships and bonds stronger. You can serve good foods to the kids and play some games so that your child gets to know other kids better. It’s advisable to plan some outings with all kids, at times. Usually, such trips and outings are planned by schools once/twice in a year. In case they aren’t planning, you can talk to the school authorities about it in parent’s teachers meet.

To conclude, it’s not that difficult to settle down in new country like Japan with your kids. All that’s required is some time.