Mumbai, travel and job!

I was born and brought up in south Mumbai, completed my education in the most prestigious institutes on this side of town. I felt this was my world as it was so self-sufficient and developed, that I felt no need to surf any more areas around Mumbai.

I got a job in a very prestigious multinational company in Andheri East, and I immediately took it up. On surveying, I did find out that

  1. The distance from Malabar Hill to Andheri East was 19kms.
  2. It would take approximately 25 mins by car.
  3. A taxi would cost me anything from 500-700 approximately.
  4. There was an option of even going by train.

As the job offer was so inviting, I felt that the distance was nothing to fuss about. I started to leave early in order to avoid the peak traffic hours. At first, I took my car with pride, but soon, as time went by I would get stuck in the traffic snarls, no matter how well I had planned my route. It actually started taking a toll on my health. Soon, I resorted to taking a taxi, but alas, it did ease the burden of driving, but the aimless wait in the traffic was horrifying. I was certain, that no matter what, I was not going to give up such a lucrative job.

That is when I took a call, to rent a house in Mumbai. At first, it felt funny; why stay in a rental house when I have a palatial home of my own. My family was shocked at my decision too, but when I reasoned out with them, they all agreed unanimously. With my work schedule being so tight, I definitely knew that

  1. I did not have the time to entertain brokers.
  2. Their fancies of negotiating percentages for brokerage, etc.
  3. Nor did I want to block a major chunk of my salary giving deposits.

I was aware that there are many search engines that would help me on this matter, so one Sunday morning I logged on. Sine I was well acquainted with Andheri East, I knew exactly the area I was looking out for, to rent a house in Mumbai. I gave in my specifications; I even gave in my building preferences. I made my points very clear,

  1. I needed a fully furnished apartment.
  2. With air conditioners and light fittings.
  3. With an Internet facility.
  4. A building with the facility of a lift.
  5. 24-hour security.
  6. And a car park too.
  7. There should be availability of space for guests to be able to park their cars as well.

In a matter of days, I had accumulated so much data, that I actually felt like I was spoiled for choice. I zeroed down to two flats. Since I had already seen the images on the search engine, I knew what I was getting myself into, and what to expect when I physically went to se the house. Everything turned out just as the information I had read in print. There were no surprise elements. All the home legal formalities were done without any hassles.

My parents looked for an auspicious day to move out. Now that work and home were just a walking distance, life became simpler. All the time I gave to commuting suddenly became spare time for me. I joined the gym in the same vicinity, so now work and play was perfectly balanced. Suddenly my energy levels were high, and it all reflected in my performance, as there was a promotion coming my way!