Oven Cleaning Tips that You Need to Consider

If you are to choose household tasks that you enjoy doing, you surely don’t want to pick oven cleaning. This is because the task involves significant amount of hard work and patience. In order to make oven cleaning more efficient and simpler, consider the following tips.

Spray with a Baking Soda Solution

Mix a quarter of baking soda with a couple cups of water and then pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Whenever you use your oven, spray this solution in the inside. For sure, the change is not immediate; however, baking soda will gradually break the accumulated grime down. Wipe the powder up with a sponge.

Soak the Oven with Ammonia Overnight

Put a bowl that has one cup of pure ammonia in the oven. Allow this to set overnight. As you open the oven the following day, you will be able to notice caked-on grease that you can easily sponge off. Ensure that the ammonia is taken out of your oven before you leave the house. Also, breathing the fume should be a no-no.

Typically, oven cleaning products have undesirable smell and can be caustic to your touch. Their fumes can also put your health at risk. You need to protect your nasal passages and skin by opening all the windows in the kitchen before you begin cleaning your oven. The fan in the hood of your stove top must be turned on for more circulation.

Avoid Using Paper Towels in Cleaning a Self-Cleaning Oven

If you own a self-cleaning oven, the most difficult task is carried out for you because the oven can burn the grime off. But, there is still a need for you to clean all black residues out on the oven’s bottom part. It is not advisable to use paper towel for this. You cannot expect its absorbency to help in picking the ash up. Rather, you can make use of old newspaper in directly sweeping out the residue into the trash.

Consider Professional Help

If oven cleaning is too much for you to do, you can refer to the ability of oven cleaning in Sheffield to do the job for you. Try to search for a company that offer such service online and have a sparkling oven again.