Remodeling Ideas for that Killer Backyard

Every summer we take a long hard look at our backyard and think about what we want to do to make it better. After all, the money you spend on that backyard to make it the perfect place to spend time with friends and family means you won’t be spending it going out for entertainment. You might be thinking of adding in a deck or a patio so you can entertain more often and in style.

If that isn’t your kind of backyard, you might want to rethink those plants and replace some that have gotten old with new fresher plants. You might even want to think about planting your backyard with a new look that takes up less water and is easier to care for in the long run. Here are some ideas we have found work well to make our backyard the go-to place for not only our immediate family, but our extended family of neighbors and friends as well.

Rethinking that Deck

One of the things we have felt we did well this past year was to take the time to remodel our deck. It went from being a simple wooden deck that was fine for setting up a chaise lounge or chair to read a book and relax, to a real fun entertainment area. In the summer with the nice weather to enjoy, we knew that we would spend lots of time on our deck if we made it into a kind of outdoor living room and dining area for the entire family.

One thing we needed to ask first was how much propane do I need for a barbecue, since we were planning on doing plenty of them all summer long. It was essential that we invest in a barbecue setup that would be ready to deliver for us no matter what the weather or how big the crowd. With that setup to handle our non-stop barbeque adventures, we then arranged our dining areas so the kids could hang out in one area and the adults in another. Not only did it make it easier for the locals to bring the whole family and hang out, but our kids loved having their own area to talk with friends and feel a bit grownup themselves.

Setting the Garden Right

With the deck set up and in full swing, we realized that the flowerbeds outside of our deck needed a bit of a sprucing up to compliment our new entertainment area. But I am someone who wants to keep my footprint on the planet small, so we decided to add in some low water plants that would look showy but take little to maintain, regardless of the weather. Global warming and the recent high temperatures have certainly left our household thinking of new ways to use less water, keep cool and just make sure we are doing our part.

We were also happy to find out that we could add some colorful rubberized tiles to our backyard where the kid’s playground set is located. If you have kids that are active, as ours are, you may want to look into recycled rubber tires for your playground surfaces. They are good for the environment, good for keeping scraped knees to a minimum in our active family and look pretty darn good as well! Kind of a win-win situation if you ask me.