Rules and Regulations Are Followed By the Water Damage Restoration Companies

Flood and fire can cause a lot of health hazards and damage to the property, people and vicinity. Water and fire restoration companies are the best rescues under such condition.

These agencies follow stringent guidelines to maintain the safety of the people in the affected region. All the repair procedures performed by them conform to standards set by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

Types of water that causes flooding

Clean water

The first step in water damage control is “Clean water.” There are several sources of clean water flooding such as malfunction of appliances installed in water supply lines, melting of snow or ice, rain overflow, broken toilets, additives.

It is not advisable to ignore clean water flooding because clean water, when mixed with dust or bacteria, can become contaminated. This impure water when goes inside the carpet can lead to several critical health hazards.

Grey water

If the water consists of huge amounts of chemicals or contagion, then it can lead to sickness and discomfort. This category of water is called “grey water.” Such water has good amounts of nutrients of bacteria and microorganisms in it. Sources of such type of water are water overflow from dishwashers and washing machine, failure of pump and seepage, etc.


Consumption of this water causes health issues. This water contains impure and infected materials that can destroy the living atmosphere. If you stay in Coral Springs FL, then you can be rest assured of the best restoration of the building from water damage.

Guidelines to restore damage due to water

There are different types of restoration processes performed by water restoration companies. Professional at water damage Coral Springs FL ensure that all these processes are in accordance with the guidelines specified by the major certifying bodies RIA and IICRC. These processes are:

  • Removal of excess water and moisture content by using specialized tools and methods
  • Start dry out the place using the dehumidification
  • Supervise the damaged structure with the help of the moisture meter. This device notes the readings of room temperature and monitors the content of moisture of the materials.

Hiring a professional water damage restoration company ensures people of their safe, effective and authentic procedures. All their operations follow a procedure that involves damage control, vaccination and use of protective equipment. This ensures professional mold restoration in the most efficient way.