Some Railing Design Ideas for Your Indoor and Outdoor Staircases

When you are renovating your old home, or buying a new one, choosing a railing for your outdoor and indoor staircase is an important task. These days, wrought iron railing is one of the most popular railings. The benefit of choosing wrought iron for making your staircase railing is that it contains low carbon amount, which makes it similar to steel in some ways.

Benefits of Wrought Iron Railing

Apart from having steel elements in it, wrought iron railing is stronger as compared to other materials. From security and durability point of view, no other material can beat wrought iron. Additionally, maintenance of wrought iron railing is also easier as compared to other materials.

Here, wrought term is used with iron because the iron used for railing can be molded into various designs and shapes. The alloy used in making these railings is malleable and elastic in nature, which makes it easier for designers to give it a desired shape.

In case, you have faced problem due to pests in the past, wrought iron railing is the best solution for you. With right shape and design wrought iron railing can keep bothersome animals at bay.

Other Railing Designs

  • Fashionable Beginnings

With its simplicity and elegance, iron stair railings grab attention with its linear design and newel post. It provides a fashionable yet stylish look to your staircase. In case you’re thinking to go for this design, it’s better than you firstly discuss your requirement details with a professional designer so that you can have an idea of the estimated cost project.

  • Handsome Harmonies

Whether carved from wood or forged from iron, customized staircase railings provide a finish to your home. It’s not only stylish and elegant, but the customization ensures that you get the railings you have always desired of.

  • White-and-Wood

In case, your home is traditionally styled, this design is for you. It provides a classy and elegant look to your staircase, yet maintaining the traditionalism. In this design, a stringer and square baluster uprights are designed with treads and a wood handrail.

  • Unfussy Form

Sometimes, the construction of staircase is in such a way that the railings need to be bent, instead of standing out. If your staircase is also like this, then this design with suit your requirement. This design is made with profiled posts and handrails, along with white-painted finish and square balusters. This design is the most suitable for breezy monochromatic colour staircases.