Storing your Garden Tools in a Storage Unit during Winter


As winter comes, you will wish to let your gardening tools take a vacation. Gardening supplies like a lawn mower, hoses and flower pots can take plenty of space that can become sparse during the cold months if you need to bring plants and other things inside. For a lot of homeowners, a famous solution during this time of the year is using a self storage unit.

Benefits of Self Storage for your Gardening Tools

  • Grow your Space- Storage units are provides you access to extra space for a cost which won’t break your bank.  As gardening supplies are often not small in scale, having a big space meant for this storage can really be beneficial.
  • Avoid the Mess- Usually, gardening tools aren’t the cleanest things and if you have a self storage unit, you won’t have to worry about ruining the flooring or carpet from dropping grease, dirt or oil from the gardening tools. Also, you can store items like fertilizer, gasoline, and oil without worrying about keeping these things inside your house during the cold months.


  • Safety and Security- Self storage gives a level of protection to your gardening items. A lot of self storage facilities make use of state of the art security features in order to protect your things even if you aren’t there. Such features include gated entry, security personnel, coded access, man-eating plants and surveillance systems. Gardening tools such as lawn mowers aren’t cheap and you can be sure they are protected.

Choosing the Right Storage Unit for your Tools

  • As you look into various storage unit facilities, ensure you check the following.
  • Whether the facility is secure with plenty of cameras, security lighting, different lock points, a gated entry and a reception.
  • The unit is well maintained and clean.
  • The unit is climate controlled.
  • The storage unit is sealed and dry so pest won’t get in.
  • You totally know the costs involved such as contract charges, insurance and other hidden extras which would increase the final cost.
  • The time you spend to get there and the fuel costs do not greatly increase the overall costs or if the storage facility has a collection service.
  • You like the staff at the facility and are confident there is always somebody to depend on in case of issues at the facility.


Preparing your Garden Tools

Garden tools can cost you a lot to replace so you will wish to invest in storage units to keep them safe. But, it would not be cost effective when you store your tools in a dry, secure unit without preparing them since the unit’s condition can have an impact on them. In order to properly store them, you have to.

  • Clean them. You must remove any debris and dirt by following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Dry them- Remember that any metal will rust up when your garden tools are left wet after you clean or use them.
  • Use a suitable material to wrap them. Ideally, you should go for something breathable to avoid moisture condensation.
  • Remove fuel from the petrol-run tools.