Top 5 Air conditioners Brands in India

At present, Air conditioners have become a necessity for every middle-class household in India. The increased temperatures and scorching heat during summers make it necessary to own ACs in India. It is not only during summers that people need them to live an easy and comfortable life, rainy season further increases the need and hence demand of air conditioners because of increased humidity levels.


How the multiple brands get associated with air conditioners?

India is a fast growing economy with people’s income levels increasing every year as such everybody wants to realize their aspirations for a comfort and luxury-filled life. This trend gave rise to the demand of ACs. Witnessing the increasing demands in India, many renowned electronics brands jumped into this sector and started manufacturing ACs under their respective brands. All these brands offer different kind of AC’s based on size, type, capacity, efficiency and much more to consider. Now customers in India have plenty of options to choose their favorite product from.

Top brands in the list

India is a vast marketplace for all brands that deal in ACs. Being a highly profitable and populated marketplace, India always attracted multiple electronics’ brands from all over the world. People in India have several options when it comes to brands in air conditioners. Below are the top five brands in India, serving the needs of the citizens–


Voltas is an experienced player in Indian electronics market. This brand also delivers a broad range of other electronic appliances. All Voltas AC are quite economically priced and deliver great results to the users. These are known for their remarkable performance and are popular with a large number of people in India.


Hitachi is another top electronics’ brand selling a broad range of electronic items in India. One of the most celebrated electronic products from the house of Hitachi is its AC. Hitachi is world famous for its products premium quality and the amazing performance being offered by them. The quality and performance of Hitachi ACs are one of the best in the market.


Being one of the top electronics’ brands in India, LG has got huge customer base here. LG, as is the case with any other top electronics’ brand in India, offers a wide range of electronic items including ACs. LG ACs are manufactured using latest technologies and as such ensure strong performance to the users.


Samsung is a renowned brand in Indian electronics market. This brand offers a broad range of innovative ACs of varying sizes and kinds. ACs being provided by Samsung are amongst the best available in India till date.


Whirlpool ACs are probably the highest demanded one’s in India. Whirlpool AC’s are known for their excellent performance as well as low power consumption.

There are many more brands offering a broad range of air conditioners in India, but all the above-mentioned brands are amongst the best in India. Depending on your requirement, you can choose any brand and variety of air conditioner for you.