What Are The Easiest Things To Sort Out For Moving Day?

When you are moving house there are some things that you cannot control. Roadworks and traffic jams might mean that a move that should take two hours ends up lasting the entire day. This is extremely frustrating, but this is a set of circumstances entirely out of your control.

Instead, you need to focus on the aspects of the move that you can control. There are lots of things that you can proactively do to make sure that the move goes as smoothly as possible without a single hitch.

Make Sure That All The Moving Boxes Are Clearly Marked

One of the most frustrating aspects of moving day is packing everything up into boxes so that they can be moved to the new house. You might have difficulty finding all of your possessions quickly if you don’t mark the boxes clearly.

Use a bold black marker to list the contents of the box. Then you will be able to unpack the boxes easily and find everything that you need in next to no time at all.

Choose A Moving Company Well In Advance

There will be lots of quality removals firms in Bury St Edmunds who can transport your possessions quickly and efficiently. You should research lots of different firms well in advance of your move. You will be able to compare the number of years that each firm has been in business. You will also be able to compare the condition of their trucks. Make sure that you ask the companies about how many men they have for the removal job because having only a few will slow the whole process down considerably.

Keep An Inventory Of All Your Possessions

When you are moving house some of your possessions might get lost in transit. This can be incredibly frustrating because you will potentially have to spend a lot of money on replacements. You should create a detailed inventory of all your possessions before you pack them up and have them taken to the new house.

You can tick off the inventory when everything has been unpacked and this will tell you whether anything has got lost. Then you can go back to the old house and check whether anything has been left there. This is an extremely efficient system.

Throw Away Any Unwanted Items

Clearing out your attic and spare bedroom before the move is a very simple job, but it should not be left until the last minute. Try and sort these items into separate piles: one pile can be for items that can be sold and another pile can be for those items which should be thrown away because they are not valuable.

Once the unwanted items have been thrown away or sold, you will have freed up a lot of space in your new house. This is something that you will appreciate.

You should sort out all the different aspects of your move well in advance so that you are not rushing around at the last minute.